Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mind Over Matter

The University of Pittsburg recently carried out a study on people who have strong emotional reactions to stress. Easily stressed individuals are on the whole more susceptible to inflammatory diseases (including heart disease) if they suffer from stress on a frequent basis. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to stress over relatively minor challenges as it will make you vulnerable to cardiovascular disease.

According to the ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’ heart patients with a positive outlook were 30% more likely to survive over the following 15 years since treatment. It shows the client’s attitude to their condition has a huge impact on the patient’s return to health and over the long term and ultimately their survival. Having positive expectations of recovery may be due to better coping strategies that are employed by an optimistic mindset. The tension and stress caused by negative thinking may in fact shorten lives. So be positive and you may just live longer.

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