Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time for a Change?

With the launch of my personal training business I had set up my twitter page and started blogging. The idea of me blogging was a fairly terrifying one as technology is a scary monster that I generally avoid wrestling with. However I had to adapt and I couldn’t avoid it any longer. So I firmly gave myself a kick up the bottom and started to tweet/blog. 
I thought why not start off my tweeting with 20 anti-aging foods. How controversial can that be? Knowledge is power after all. So I figured I’d just get the knowledge out there. It’s very interesting watching people’s reactions to the posts. A lot of comments have been extremely positive. However, I’ve also noticed an unwillingness to hear some of the advice. To quote a documentary I recently watched on type 2 diabetes “People won’t change until it’s too painful not to change”. 
Lately it’s been too painful NOT to change for me. Someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer and I’ve been looking into the causes and cures. It has forced me to re-evaluate what I eat and take responsibility for my choices. I had always eaten a healthy diet. However, having researched extensively about the food industry I have had to change my diet radically. I only eat seasonal organic food now and I try to eat at least one raw meal per day. Having discovered all this knowledge I simply had to make a change I couldn’t continue eating the way I had been. I resisted for a while. I really didn’t want to change. I simply had to. It’s expensive and very hard to find organic products locally but knowing what I know I feel like I don’t have a choice now. I’m not suggesting everyone should radically change their diets immediately. It’s just for me, with my new awareness, the alternative was not worth the gamble. 
This brings me to the question “why is change such a terrifying concept?” Whether it’s starting a new job, ending a long term relationship or moving somewhere new, change means abandoning what you know and are comfortable with, and trusting that the new path you are taking is the right one. Change can offer you a new perspective on your situation. It can propel you forward with energy.  If something in your life isn’t working currently change can be incredibly satifying and it generally forces you out of your comfort zone.
I’ve found in my experience that it’s my own fear that’s limits me, not change. So I personally use my fear of not changing to bring about positive changes in my life.

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